7 Reasons to Learn Manual Driving


There are a lot of aspects to contemplate before deciding to purchase a new vehicle.

Your budget, the make, the model and most importantly, automatic or manual are all factors you should consider when assessing your options.

If, however, you already have a vehicle but are planning to maybe take a trip to a different country or if you need to take on manual driving for a job and are looking for answers online, we’ve got you covered!

Today, we will take a look at seven reasons to learn manual driving.

Increase your driving skills

Driving a manual car requires coordination and attention as you have to be persistently mindful of your environment and your vehicle. You have to know clutch control well and when to change your vehicle’s gears.

Since driving a manual is a little more challenging than an auto when you start learning, once you master it, you will get a sense of pride and can say that you know how to drive a stick.

Gives you an advantage

Not only does learning how to drive a manual car give you a sense of satisfaction, but it also can give you an edge in certain circumstances. 

Nowadays, most of the population drives an automatic, which means jobs that require knowing how to drive stick gives you a leg up compared to the rest of your competition.

Save money

Since the driver manipulates the gears of a manual, the technology to automate it is unnecessary, making manuals go for less.

Maintenance and service fees on a manual car also cost less because as complicated and less work is required.

You can rent and drive a car in foreign countries

If you plan to visit a different country for a while or plan on moving altogether, you’ll eventually want your transportation method. 

With that said, manual cars are still relatively popular and more commonly used in other countries. So, to save yourself the hassle of learning to drive a stick while on vacation, you should go and take driving lessons on manual first before you leave.

Adapt better driving behaviour

Driving a manual doesn’t mean you can care less about the way you go.

Remember that even if manual service fees may be cheaper than auto, ultimately, the life of your machine depends on how you take care of it. Your driving instructor in Ballarat can teach you how to adapt better driving habits.

You can get a license for both

If you want to have the freedom to drive whichever transmission you want, you can get an unrestricted license provided that you pass your assessment first.

More fun

Driving a manual car is simply more exciting than driving an automatic where the vehicle controls the driving experience for you.


Still unsure? Talk to a driving instructor today to help you decide if you want to sign up for manual driving lessons in Ballarat.

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