5 Common Driving Mistakes You Must Avoid


Roads, especially during rush hours, can be stuffed. That is why, despite the local government’s hard work in eliminating every form of vehicular mishaps, accidents still happen. However, according to research, most traffic accidents are caused by avoidable factors if drivers know them. 

Read on and acquaint yourself with the five most common driving mistakes you must avoid.

Giving in to Road Rage

We have heard all about this and even see it in movies or tv series, but road rage isn’t as funny as it appears on TV. Road rage can lead drivers to misjudge the intent of another driver or perform illegal maneuvering. 

At Ballarat driving school, our instructors emphasise to their students not to engage with aggravated drivers. Avoid being caught up in their emotions and turn into a raging driver yourself. 

There are many factors as to why rage can get the best of us while on the road. It could be because you are stuck in traffic and are already late or maybe a driver in front of you is extremely slow. You simply must find ways to avoid those situations or at least ways to help you maintain your patience. For example, you are leaving early to avoid the traffic rush, learning breathing techniques, or playing some calming music while inside your car. 

Remember, road rage can lead to injuries or, worse, death. Is it worth giving in to that anger? The answer is always no. 

Ignoring Yellow Lights

Sadly, it is common for drivers to speed through the yellow light as a challenge to pass before turning red, which is dangerous behaviour. If the urge is vital to run a yellow light, then get ready to face the consequences. Is it too hard to wait for at least 90 seconds? 

Driving When Tired

Driving when your body is screaming at you because it is tired can be a death ticket. Remember that you are weak and exhausted when you are behind the wheel with limited awareness and delayed reaction time when you are weak and exhausted. 

So, make sure to get adequate sleep before driving long-distance, or even a power nap can help.

Sudden Stop Without Any Signal

A driver who abruptly hits the brakes and comes to an unexpected stop without warning can cause vehicular accidents that can be deadly. 

Driving schools in Ballarat’s always make sure that their driving instructors make it clear in their lessons. Anyone behind the wheel should continuously be mindful of the cars behind them and stop slowly with appropriate warning signs. Give drivers time to act and adjust. 

Not Fixing the Car Mirrors Correctly

The side and rearview mirrors are not there for decoration only. They help drivers see what is behind and on either side of the vehicle. So, angle and position the mirrors correctly to prevent car crashes. It only takes a second.


Vehicular accidents are sadly a part of being a human; after all, we can’t be perfect drivers all the time. But, always keep in mind that accidents are things that even an imperfect driver can avoid by being ready and focused each time you drive.

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