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Safe Drives, Save Lives.

Ballarat Driving School

Cannot wait to get behind the wheels? Before you jump in, learn to drive safely to protect yourself and other people from fatal accidents. 

The thought of driving a car for the first time is an exciting yet nerve-racking experience.

It is important to find the right person to teach you how to drive. Although it can be taught by family or friends, enrolling in a driving school in Ballarat can give you a comprehensive understanding of driving skills and traffic laws, and confidence in the road. 

The driving instructors of Ballarat Driving School are friendly, patient, and dedicated professionals with extensive years of experience.

We provide cheap driving lessons for both manual and automatic vehicles. As safety is our number one priority, we include safe driving techniques and practices apart of driving lessons.

Ballarat Driving School is looking forward to being part of your journey in getting your Victorian driver’s license. 

Getting Your Victorian Driver's License

For you to drive a motor vehicle within the state of Victoria, you must seek a permission from the administering government agency, VicRoads. 

By getting a license, you adhere to the traffic rules and regulations under Road Safety Act 1986 Victoria. There are three stages before you will be granted with a full driver’s license. Each stage has different restrictions that should be strictly followed. 

Follow the step-by-step guide to getting your license! 

  • Learners
  • Lessons
  • Practice
  • Test
  • Freedom

Getting your Learner's Permit

Before you proceed, you must meet the minimum requirements – be over 16 years old and physically fit – to get this permit.  

You need to book and sit for an online assessment—a total payment of $43.60 for the knowledge test and appointment fee. A card payment fee applies when using a credit card (Visa or Mastercard).  

This 30 questions multiple-choice test aims to test your knowledge of road safety rules. You must have at least 24 correct answers (80%) to pass the test. You are also required to take an eyesight test. If you own prescription glasses, make to bring them with you. To acquire a learner’s permit, you must pass both the assessment and the eyesight test.  

Driving Lessons

Before you start practising, you must first obtain an ‘L’ plate. Seek to it that you follow the display requirement by the agency (VicRoads). You must use this plate all the time while driving the vehicle. 

If you are under 21, an experienced driver with a full Victorian driver’s license must supervise you when driving. You need to have at least logged 120 hours of driving experience before proceeding to the next stage. 

Finding the right person to teach you can be a challenging process. We’re here to help you. We design our driving lessons to ensure a comfortable driving experience for new learners like you. Our trustworthy and friendly driving instructors are trained and certified to teach inexperienced students road fundamentals. You are safe in our hands. 

At the end of your lessons, you will have acquired the right discipline and knowledge of safe driving. 

Practice! Practice! Practice!

You've heard it over and over... and over, practice makes perfect!

There's no reason you shouldn't pass your test the first time around, but you do need to make sure that you're consistent with your practice.

Our driving instructors in Ballarat have brainstormed a list of tips which may be useful for you:

            • Consistency is key - Ensure you are regularly driving; a lot of the test comes down to comfort and confidence.
            • Identify your weak points - target your weak points and keep practising, whether it's reverse parallel, maintaining distance between cars, be mindful, and you will get better.
            • Calm down! - Make sure you're comfortable before taking your test - tests can be nerve-racking, but sometimes the belief you are deserving can put you at ease. You've put in the hours; you deserve to pass!

It's time to take your Test!

You are one step closer to getting on that road trip you have been dreaming about. 

Once you completed the driving lessons, it is time for you to take a Practical Driving Assessment (PDA). 

An examiner will guide you throughout a 5-section test. You will need to execute some tasks and be assessed based on your performance. 

Once you finished the driving test, the examiner will inform you whether you passed or failed and provide feedback to improve your driving skills. 

Congratulations! You're ready to hit the Road!

Finally, you can now drive to your favourite coffee shop or your friend’s house without the hassle of commuting.  

But before you can apply for a full Victorian driver's license, you must gain more driving experience by going through two more learning stages or the provisional licenses. 

First is the Red P or P1: this is your license after you passed the PDA. You are to use this license and follow the restrictions for a year, such as to use of automatic vehicles only, not allowed to use wireless handsets and loudspeaker functions of mobile phones, can only carry one passenger (for under 25 years old), and not allowed to tow another vehicle except in certain conditions. 

Next is Green P or P2: The restrictions of P2 are almost similar to P1, yet the restrictions loosened slightly. You may now carry more passengers and tow another vehicle. P2 holders must use their license for another six months. After that, you will be eligible for a full Victorian driver’s license. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Send us your inquiries today and one of our expert driving instructors will assist you!

The most important thing to carry with you throughout the Ballarat driving lessons is your learner’s permit and logbook (for those who are under 21 years old). 

Once you are on the designated practice road, your driving instructor will teach you the basic functions of automobile dashboards and nearby controls. Then, he/she will slowly guide you throughout the course. 

The more time you spend practicing, the more you will get better. Ideally, 2 hours of practice is better than 1 hour. But this is not everybody – some students find this too long and tiring. 

The driving instructors of Ballarat Driving School have various experiences in dealing with different students. They will adjust the structure of your lesson, depending on your pace and needs.  

This highly depends on your ability to learn quickly and your confidence level. Some students may take only a few sessions, but others cannot. Just address your instructor’s feedback, and in no time, you will be ready to take the test.  

However, if you are under 21 years old, it is mandated by VicRoads to logged 120 hours of driving experience. 

The examiner will assess your driving skills regarding how you maneuver your vehicle in a busy street. They will evaluate your understanding of road conditions and ability to follow safety rules. 

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